Monday, June 8, 2009

Easy Practice Improv Exercise

Do you get stuck making that left hand move when your brain only wants to focus on right hand movement? I created some easy exercises that you can do in order to get both hands moving. This is a skill builder and it helps beginners develop coordination and counting between right and left hands.

Lever settings for Eb tuned harps: From middle C all the way to high C (two octave range) flip all levers down except B's.

With your left hand you will be doing a low C vamp. This would be 2C's below middle C up to 1 C below middle C. Simply create your own tempo that is comfortable. Back and forth rocking between C's. This is good stretch and develops muscle memory for octaves too.

With your right hand, "noodle" or improvise and just chose any note or sets of notes as you keep time with your left hand. Start with your 2nd finger and chose one string at a time. Once you have your timing down start placing more fingers and move around. Develop your finger dexterity and move around those octaves. Try practicing cross overs and cross unders but keep your tempo and melody line together. Practice half notes and then a group of 8th notes. Once you have this concept down, it makes a wonderful warm up exercise and also helps develop your improv skills.
Email me if you need help or have questions.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Preparing for CCHS Harp Retreat

It's time for the annual summer harp retreat up in Grand Lake! This is a great venue in the mountains for playing our harps together during relaxing weekend. I look forward to going because of the people. We have individuals from all backgrounds and playing abilities and this is a great place to bring all those levels together.

This year I will be presenting a workshop called Productive Practicing: Techniques to help you develop your skills and learn your music more effectively!

I am in the process of putting together my notes and handouts this weekend and I will try to post these online once they are completed.